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Carline Dor Fineus


Organization Humanitarian International Christian

OHUIC Is an Organization Humanitarian International Christian It Was Founded by Carline Dor Fineus Childhood she was an orphan that was abounded by her parents now

God spoke to her to start an Organization with her Husband the mission of OHUIC is to help the kids that are in need of parents and supplies.

 Kids who are in the streets who have no dreams or goals ,  also the elderly people that have no assistant we will create a nursing room for the elderly our vision of OHUIC is for all the elderly and kids that are in OHUIC they would have a place to live so that they can eat, sleep, and found needed Education that’s the reason why we the committee in OHUIC we predicted that build a church for the kids build schools and Houses.

For example there is a lot of kids we picked them up from the streets where they use to live some of the kids were eating from the garbage and some would eat dead animals skin there are some kids that were being targeted from bad spirits but because of our prayer they were vanish.

Our objective is that the kids should always found church, discipline. Another objective is that we will be visiting jail to serve the prisoners food clothes and bring the word of God to them we will give them service inside the jail, to finish every year OHUIC will have a concert every single  year to preach the word of God.

We ask everybody that reading if you will like to donate to OHUIC you can put your confidence on us because we were choosing by God; People that wants to help the kids that are in need of parents you can adopt the kids.


Ohuic mission is to supervise the child

  1. without mother and father.
  2. children who have no family or abandoned children.
  3. to supervise widows, visit and help prisoners
  4. build schools for children and churches and literacy for children and adults who cannot read or write.

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